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News articles gathered from this portal page Portuguese Cancer Portal and is relative to the IPO at Oporto city, there are several IPO (Portuguese Oncology Institutes) from the North to the South, as well as state funded hospitals
The Portuguese Institute of Oncology (IPO) held in Porto, this Tuesday, a surgical procedure that will use "an innovative method to treat cancer in Portugal, in the field of intraoperative radiotherapy.

"This innovative technique allows you to set aside [I imagine like putting the organs to one side] all or part of the normal structures of the treatment area, the intestines, bladder, urethra or the stomach," allowing for increased doses of radiation in the area of greatest risk of tumour relapse and contributing, thus, an improvement of local control, with reduced toxicity. "

The technique, already used in more than 150 centres worldwide, allows for radiation to the patient during surgery for tumour removal, "as a complement to the conventional radiotherapy," adds the radiotherapist responsible for the procedure, Olga Sousa.

The IPO has an operating room built next to a bunker which "allows the patient to be temporarily evacuated during the operation for the application of the treatment with radiation, concluding the operation with the treatment already applied."

"It's one of the very few European centres with this kind of functionality and features, which represents an improvement for the patients treated here" says one health unit representative.(...)